PhotoBook Journal – Issue #39

Welcome to our 39th Issue •

We again greet the summer with a selection of photobooks for you to consider for your holidays and vacations plans. We are also delighted to provide six photobooks supporting Ann Mitchell’s latest Thinking About Photographyshowcase, Place.

Concurrently we are aghast and severely disappointed with many of the recent American Supreme Court decisions that are being handed down by a super-majority of ultra-conservative justices. On women’s rights, we have stepped back in time 50 years. On the issues of global warming, we have a ruling that appears to be penned by the coal industry severely limiting our Environmental Protection Agency as to what they can or can not implement to avert global warming. Overall it appears that the separation between church and state is collapsing in the favor of only one religion, which is not stated in our founding Constitution. The United States is a delightful melting pot of ideas, cultures, races, creeds and religions, which appears to be now under extreme duress.

Last, on a more upbeat note, the pre-order for my artist book, The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow, is on-going thru the month of July, see details below.

Douglas Stockdale
Senior Editor
IG @thephotobookjournal


Book reviews featured in June 2022:

Allan Sekula – Fish Story

The last major project/publication by California based photographer, filmmaker, critic, teacher, and theorist Allan Sekula was originally released… (more)


Koschies – Surfaces

These meticulously produced portraits by the artist duo known as Koschies demand some new definitions, since they… ( more)

Makeda Best (Editor) – Devour the Land

It is a factual and well documented narrative about the destructive consequences of the American military on the American landscape that encompasses the… (more)


Sean Lotman – The Sniper Paused So He Could Wipe His Brow

The book is enigmatic in its organization, producing a number of possible juxtapositions of images. It asks the reader/viewer to vest him/herself… (more)


Bruce Gilden – Cherry Blossom

Japan is a country of four distinct seasons. Hot, humid and rainy summers followed by mild pleasant autumn complete with fall colors. Then winter sets in for… (more)


Reinhard Matz – Faces Without People

The process of depicting simulated people in fake ‘portraits’ has reached new levels of perfection. The software… (more)


Jonas Dahlström – 07:27:47

Have you found yourself alone, walking through a familiar urban environment, hardly aware of your surroundings? You… (more)


Chris Reed and Mike Belleme – Mise-en-Scene – The Lives and Afterlives of Urban Landscapes

The origin of the term mise-en-scène, while it is now most commonly used within media and cinema studies, is attributed to the French writer Alexandre Dumas… (more)


Ann Mitchell’s Thinking About Photography‘s showcase: Place

Six photobooks selected by the editors of PhotoBook Journal to expand on the ideas and thinking of “Place” are Florian Backmeir’s In Limbo, Makeda Best (Editor)’s Devour the Land, scott b. davis’s sonora, Ohemaa Dixon’s Tanpa Izin, Bruce Haley’s Home Fires, Vol II: The Present; and Ken Light’s Course of the Empire.


Available for Pre-order: The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow

The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow will be published by Singular Images Press in the Fall and can be pre-ordered now. The visual narrative investigates identity and work-driven travel in the context of a mental health condition, anxiety.

This book is available in two versions; artist book and optional Artist Special Edition (artist book + print), both incorporate a signed archival pigment image, while the Artist Special Edition has a second loose archival pigment print.


Articles & photographs published on PhotoBook Journal may not be reproduced without the permission of the PhotoBook Journal staff and the photographer(s).

All images and text are © of the individual photographer/artist and/or author.

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