PhotoBook Journal – Issue #36

Welcome to our 36th Issue •

This month we offer another broad survey of artist and photographic book reviews that cover a range of issues.  We also welcome a new guest reviewer, Brian O’Neill.

Please stay healthy and safe.
Douglas Stockdale
Senior Editor


Book reviews featured in March 2022:

Toshio Shibata – Boundary Hunt

Toshio Shibata likes to blur boundaries. Between the natural and the human-made. Between the representational and the abstract. Between photography and drawing… (more)


Anders Goldfarb – Passed Remains

Connecting with the past is a challenge, particularly when the present is such a mess – viruses, warfare, economic worries, etc., etc… (more)


Ewa Monika Zebrowski – van gogh’s bed

An apt way to describe Ewa Monika Zebrowski’s artist book, van gogh’s bed, is that it has punctum, a work of art… (more)


Shane Rocheleau – Lakeside

In these very dangerous times, democracy as well as the human race seem to be on the chopping block – two things at the core of our continuing existence…. (more)


R. A. Hansen – Dreaming Backwards

A nostalgic and poetic retrospective of an early body of work set in the rural landscape of middle America, the grand expanses where he was raised in Iowa… (more)


Michael Chinnici – Vanishing Cuba

Economies have begun to recover, families are reuniting, and even fun seems possible again. Yet for at least one small country, its citizens remain in a different state of lockdown, one that has… (more)


Sarah Kaufman – Devil’s Pool

The Devil’s Pool is a roughly 15-foot-deep by 25-foot-wide basin of water tucked within Wissahickon Valley Park located in Northwest Philadelphia… (more)


Julia Vandenoever – Still Breathing

Sublimation of grief is a partial remedy that artists can use to make life more bearable. Julia Vandenoever, having lost her mother to cancer and her brother to addiction… (more)


Pamela Landau Connolly – Fly in Amber

Lady Clementia Hawarden (1822 – 1865) was a 19th century British photographer who photographed her adolescent daughters, frequently incorporating… (more)


Catherine Canac-Marquis – Every time I walked into my room, I took a picture through the window

In November of 2017, the French Canadian-born photographer took a photo from the window of her second-floor… (more)


Sonia Lenzi – Take Me to Live with You

What we find missing in our childhood can sometimes be filled in a bit later in our lives in various ways. So it was with Sonia Lenzi, whose father… (more)


Articles & photographs published on PhotoBook Journal may not be reproduced without the permission of the PhotoBook Journal staff and the photographer(s).

All images and text are © of the individual photographer/artist and/or author.

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