PhotoBook Journal – Issue #14



It’s another month as we continue our different “reopening” phases during the days of COVID-19, although there appears to be changes slowly occurring. I continue to hear of the issues and problems encountered by self-publishing artists, small publishing imprints, indie bookstores and even the larger publishing groups have been impacted. This has been a really challenging time for almost all those whose work is related to the contemporary arts, whether the basic economics of selling something and able to pay the rent or buy food, keeping an arts business afloat while providing support for the staff, and to the individual emotional ups and downs that this shelter-in-place has brought on. So during this time, if you’re able, please support the arts, such as purchase another book or consider supporting a self-publishing Kickstarter campaign while we get through this.

Cheers & please stay healthy and safe,
Douglas Stockdale
Editor & Publisher


Book Reviews during May:

Ralph Eugene Meatyard – Stages For Being


The late Ralph Eugene (Gene) Meatyard, 1925 – 1972, was an optician whose personal artistic quest has… (more)


Fabio Ponzio – East of Nowhere


It’s more than a little unsettling to characterize a book which can be described – in the words of its creator… (more)


Shane Lynam – Fifty High Seasons


Escape is on the minds of many people these days, now that we are in various stages of “Stay at Home” efforts… (more)


Jodie Hulden – Left Behind


Bodie, that 19th-century gold rush ghost town in the California hills east of the Sierra Nevada mountain… (more)


Jacob Loewentheil – The Psychological Portrait: Marcel Sternberger’s Revelations in Photography


Once in a while one makes a truly surprising discovery: the work of Marcel… (more)


Tim Walker – Shoot for the Moon


Dark, decadent, distinctive, eccentric, extraordinary, fantastical, imaginative, magical, mischievous… (more)


Matt Shallenberger – The Leaping Place


Matt Shallenberger’s photobook The Leaping Place is a mashup of family history, overlaid with a visual investigation… (more)


Jamie Johnson – Growing Up Travelling


There’s a classic Irish short story in which a child in a village asks an Irish… (more)


Masculinities – Liberation through Photography

0 mascu

We are not all the same, and it would be naïve to expect others to be or to become exactly like ourselves and to share… (more)


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