PhotoBook Journal – Issue #2


Martin Toft, Te Ahi Kā (2018)

We have just passed by our second month as a magazine and launched Issue #2, which might also be considered a (newsletter-summary of what we have published this past month. As a subscriber, you get each book review hot off the press.

As a new contemporary photobook magazine (yes, our new tag-line in the mast head, above) we continue to evolve. We are extremely honored by your warm responses to our new magazine. Thank you!!

We welcome Wayne Swanson to our Editorial team who provides two of our book reviews this month; Martin Toft’s complex and layered Te Ahi Kā and the retrospective (& poetic) monograph of Keith Carter, Fifty Years.

We also featured book reviews by Gerhard Clausing, Melanie Chapman and me. We hope you enjoy the diversity of the photobooks featured this month; from a unique artist book, a beautiful retrospective, to intriguing photo documentaries and introspective collaborations, all of which are international in scope.

This month Richard S. Chow, our Guest Editor, provides a succinct overview of the MOPLA (Month of Photography Los Angeles) Photo Book Exhibition, which is gaining traction in its third year in Southern California. A photobook trend we hope MOPLA continues.

We have a great lineup of photobook reviews planned for June and we will be adding to our Resource pages over the next couple of months. So this summer sit back with your favorite photobook and perhaps consider one of these to add to your summertime enjoyment.

Cheers & Enjoy!
Douglas Stockdale
Editor & Publisher

Book reviews for May include; Martin Toft, Te Ahi Kā; Keith Carter, Fifty YearsJulia Borissova, Nautilus; Pixy Liao, Experimental Relationship Vol. 1; Brian Rose, Atlantic City; Arturo Soto, In The Heat; Bill Wishner, Artifacts; Shane Rocheleau, You are Masters of the Fish and Birds and All the Animalsand TJ Norris, Shooting Blanks.

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