Max Pam – Atlas Monographs


Copyright 2009 Max Pam

Photographer: Max Pam (born Melbourne, resides in Australia)

Publisher: T&G Publishing, Sydney, Australia

Essays: Max Pam, Stephen Muecke

Text: English (primarily)

Hardcover book with dust jacket with one fold-out, sewn binding, four-color lithography, Index of Plates, printed & bound in Taiwan

Photobook designer: Gianni Frinzi

Notes: This photobook is a compilation of eight travel journals (artist books) created by Pam, beginning with Pam’s Karakoram (2006) and shifting back through the decades to his first journals created in 1970. The journals map through a wonderful mixture of texts, photographs, paintings and marks on paper his engagement and interactions with the cultures he has traveled through. The development of his journalist process provides a platform for his own development as a photographer, writer and as an artist. Recommended

Other Max Pam photobook reviews: Max Pam – Ramadan in Yehmen (Editions Bessard)

Book Award: Best Photography Book of the Year, International Category, PhotoEspana (2010)

Cheers, Doug









Note: This reviewed photobook is part of a limited edition set with custom illustrated box (bottom image below) and signed/numbered silver gelatin print (top image below)



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