Feature #275 & some changes

With the publication of my commentary on Gina Genis’s photobook, I have reached an interesting milestone. This is the 275th photobook commentary I have published on this blog. I think if I knew that I would be reaching this goal when I stated this blog in 2008, that could have been intimidating enough that I would not have started. Nevertheless, I strive to feature between three to six contemporary photobooks per month and it is very much like eating an elephant, one bite at a time it eventually adds up.

Meanwhile, I continue to work on my photographic projects and develop my own photobooks, thus the photobooks featured here are not consistently posted. I have to admit, when I get really interested in my own projects, my photobook commentaries usually get deferred for a short duration. Additionally, some of the photobooks I acquire are very complex and interesting, thus take me a while to think about. Since I have enough deadlines for my day job, I am not about to commit on a publication schedule for my personal interests. Thus, the photobook features will remain irregularly and randomly posted as always.

Last, looking at the analytics for this blog, I am noticing that rarely do the links in the various sidebars (Bookstores, Publishers, Blogs) get clicked, so for a little housekeeping for this blog, I am going to move all of these links to three different Resource pages. Meanwhile, the number of small photobook publishers continues to grow on a daily basis and it bugs me that this list is almost obsolete the day after I update it. These links were to initially established to help with the photobook community, but much has happened since 2008 and to keep these links in the front page sidebar does not appear to be as necessary.

So the first migration has been completed with the movement of the Bookstores to its Resource page. The remainder of the migrations will follow over the next couple of weeks.



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