Yaniv Waissa – Butterflies I Haven’t Seen There

Photographs copyright Yaniv Waissa 2012, self published

Yaniv Waissa has chosen to investigate a difficult memory that still seems to haunt the people of Israel; the Holocaust.

He does not find it necessary to evoke large dramatic and dark vestiges of the places where past horrors occurred. His photographs are a glimpse here and a slight glance over there, with a stated intent of capturing incomplete fragments that float around the reader as though lost in a sea of ambiguity.

His subject’s dreadlocks are completely shorn and his shaven head bowed, or stands mute in a room whose sinister purpose is not fully revealed.  The memories of the Holocaust are placed into juxtaposition with the current events and places of and around Israel. This book is a troubling narrative, as though his homeland is driving haphazardly forward towards an unknown destiny while everyone is steadfastly staring into the car’s mirror.

The stiff-cover book is self-published and printed in an edition of 200, with the text provided in both English and Hebrew.

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