Squale – New York City.

Copyright Squale 2010 self-published photobook

I recently received Squale’s 2010 self-published photobook New York City. and find myself in my usual bind. I have a number of photobooks reviews in progress that I need to finish or that I need to complete in order to maintain some semblance of current relevancy. So with this brief shout-out for Squale’s recent photobook, I am going to strike some kind of compromise. Firstly to help promote his book, because I think it is warranted, and second to initiate a virtual review process. As this small book is very travel worthy, I can add it to my travel stash, reflect on it and add more content to this review at a later time. I hope you agree.

As you might quickly surmise, this is a semi-documentary of the city of New York City (period) photographed in Black & White by a French photographer. Semi-documentary in that he uses a street-photographer’s stylistic method of creating his images, but these are his personal observations that have been altered by framing, exposure, vantage point, focus and focal perspective and subsequently edited and filtered through his personal and cultural experiences.

The stiff cover book has a translucent dust cover printed with the book’s title, printed in the United States, with perfect binding and without pagation or accompanying text. Similar to his earlier self-published photobook, Mauerreste, the photographs have a high contrast, but the photobook is printed in low contrast on matte papers.

By Douglas Stockdale


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