in-public – Ten Years of in-public

copyright the photographers 2010, courtesy of in-public

To celebrate the ten year existence of the on-line group of photographer affiliated with in-public, they have self-published a collection of their photographs. Each of the 20 photographers that participate with the group has the opportunity to select 10 photographs of their work in conjunction with a brief biographic interview.

The photographers represented in this photobook are Nick Turpin, David Gibson, Richard Bram, Matt Stuart, Andy Morley-Hall, Trent Parke, Narelle Autio, Adrian Fisk, Nils Jorgensen, Jesse Marlow, Melanie Einzig, Jeffery Ladd, Amani Willett, Gus Powell, Christope Agou, Otto Snoek, Blake Andrews, David Solomons, George Kelly and Paul Russell.

The glue that holds the group together is an interest in street photography, an affinity toward the recording of the cultural interaction of an urban society that is played out on or near the streets in which these contemporary photo-flaneurs haunt.

As evident from studying this photobook, this group of photographs is very diverse in their photographic styles and interpretations of the human drama that unfolds before them. The photographic content ranges from humorous visual puns to very dark poetry, with a lot of opportunity to create your own narrative.

From my brief association with a small web-based photographic group, I understand some of the dynamics, support, challenges and eventual friendships that can help sustain a group of individuals with a similar interest.

Jonathan Glancey in his introductory essay sums it nicely; “Most of all, what I see here and despite whether or not individual images seem sad, mocking, haunting or plain funny, is a genuine if not obvious humanity at work behind twenty brilliantly focused lens. How frail, and so very human, we seem in the mighty construct of the modern city.”

by Douglas Stockdale

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