Clement Kauter – Le Plac’ Art Photo Sarl

Clement Kauter copyright Douglas Stockdale 2010

Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, but then when least expected, some unexpected and wonderful events unfold. Early this evening I thought I would walk down to the Seine, and since it was a little bit cool for a Paris late summer afternoon, I decided to bring my windbreaker, which thank goodness is also waterproof. I must have been half way down Bloulevard Saint Michel when I felt a few drops of the pending rain. And since I was without my umbrella, I quickly tucked my camera under my windbreaker and decided to ventured on. Then the drizzle and light rain started descending. Crap! So what to do, eh? So I figured the camera was dry and it did not appear that the drizzle would get much worse, I pressed on.

I had some nice luck; as soon the light rain stopped and the sky lightened up and now I was close to the Seine. But as a lark, I took a left turn and walked towards a photo-book store that Marc Feustel (blogger: Eye Curious) had pointed out to me a couple of weekends ago. And I caught Clement Kauter, the owner of Le Plac’ Art Photo Sarl, just as he was about to close for the evening. So after a quick introduction, carefully dropping Feustel’s name appropriately, Kauter kept the doors open a little longer for me to browse. Turns out he is also familiar with this blog as well.  I think that Clement has an excellent selection of carefully cared for pre-owned photobooks along with a good selection of Japanese photobooks. Seeing the Japanese photoboooks was my inspiration to find out if he had a copy of Feustel’s photobook about early Japanese photography that he had edited; japon: un autoportrait, photographies 1945-1964 published by Flammarion in 2004.

So that is how I came to photograph Clement in front of his Paris photobook store holding my recently purchased copy of japon: un autoportrait, photographies 1945-1964. nice. So if you are in the area of 5 rue de l’ancienne comedie in Paris, you should check it out, but wait till after 1pm and he closes at 8pm.

But I do need to mention that the challenge of Feustel’s photobook is that it is written entirely in French, and I don’t read or write a lick of French. So this could be fun!

Best regards, Doug

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  1. I didn’t needed to read the post to recognize the store. I’ve been in Paris in March 2009 and I remember this store well . I loved the stuff in there, it was just out of my micro-budget. I ended buying some very nice more modest books in a couple of Mona Lisait stores. Thanks for bringing memories of my best trip ever.

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