International Photobook Festival – Kassel

One photobook festival that I recently missed, and would have enjoyed attending, was the 3rd International FotoBuch (Photobook) Festival in Kassel, Germany, that ran from May 13-16. I was in Euope on assignment outside Rome that week, but this is not like a game of horseshoes, I was not close enough!

I am trying to obtain a list of the 2009-10 recommended books for this year, but I did find the photobook recommendations for last year, 2008-09, which the entire list is here. Of the 2008-09 list, I have reviewed five of the twenty-five recommended books, which are by the photographers Eurgene Richards (The Blue Room), Bertrand Fleurer (Landmasses and Railways), Eiji Ina (Emperor of Japan), Lucas Felzmann (Waters in Between) and Ron Hornstra (second edition of 101 Billionaires – Crisis Edition).

Other photographer’s books of interest I found on the 08-09 list include Taiji Matsue, Bien-u Bae, Kristoffer Albrecht, Mark McPherson and Susan Meiselas.

I do have next year’s Festival dates on my calendar, June 1-5, and it will be still in Kassel Germany, which is located between Frankfurt and Hannover. If a potential assignment that I am developing in Berlin comes through, I may be still working close enough to Kassel to leverage a trip. nice.

Best regards, Douglas

BTW, I have subseuqently provided an update on the winners of the FotoBuch (photobook) competition, here.

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  1. hi, douglas! what are you doing in Berlin theses days? where are you stying! I possible, you have to see the Ostkreuz-Show in the old Postfuhramt in the Oranienburger Straße in Berlin-Mitte. Greetings from Berlin

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