2009 Holiday Photo-Book sales

One nice thing about the Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years Holidays here in the US are the various photobook sales & discounts that become available. So follow the links to some great deals.

Rather than a series of postings each time I become aware of a Holiday photobook sale, I am going to just keep updating this post, so check back here from time to time to see if something wonderful becomes very attractive, that may cause you to dip into your wallet. nice.

Aperture Foundation’s Annual Holiday Sale (Publisher) (until January 5 2010): 30% off books  is valid for online orders only and can not be combined with other offers. The cavaet: Some limited edition, signed or curated editions may not be included, so you will have to go through the purchase process to see if the 30% discount is applied. Aperture also has a Special book holiday deal for three Japanese books (Eikoh Hosoe, Takashi Homma, & Japanese Photobooks of the 60s & 70s).

AbeBooks (used books): (now through December 10th, 2009) Coupon code NVRV2 for 10% discount, maximum of $15.00 (USD) off the book price. Using the AbeBooks portal, you can also search BookFever.com which has discounted its prices by 20% plus free shipping, but you need to check their inventory for photobook deals, and BookFever discount ends December 31st, 2009.

University of Chicago Press: up to 85%  off, internet promo code AD9256, and includes two photobooks; Ashley Gilbertson’s Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and Laura Letinsky’s Venus Inferred. From Alan Thomas; Gilbertson’s book deserves special notice because it is arguably the best photography book to come out of the Iraq war.

Fotovision: All books on their website are on sale at 10% off until Christmas (December 25, 2009); Fotovision nutures social documentary photographers and storytelling through education, dialogue and community.

Radius Books: (Publisher) (until December 25, 2009) 30% off on all of their books, including limited editions from their on-line store with their super secret check out discount code of  SALE09, which Radius publisher Darius Himes states, “It doesn’t get any better than that…”

photo-eye (book store) An alternative for some Holiday photo-book purchases is check-out the deep discount page at photo-eye’s deep discount website.

powerHouse (publisher) (Dec 4 – Jan 4, 2010) For those passing through the Dumbo district in Brooklyn or getting near NYC, powerHouse has books on sale at their Arena, a non-internet sales opportunity, but could find deals up to 95% off!

Pond Press (Publisher) (Dec 7 – 21) Holiday Sale with 20% off the Limited Editions and 50% off all of their other titles. So do not forget to check their backlist as well.

ROSEGALLERY (Gallery) (now through Dec 24th): Select titled discounted 20% and more!

And of course, if you become aware of a Holiday book sale and it is not on this list, shoot me a quick note with the link!

Happy Holidays & Warmest regards, Douglas

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