Photolucida Critical Mass publications

watanabe-findings-cover  seaman-lasticeberg-cover

palu-cage-call-cover   stein-domesticated-cover


One of potential opportunities of participating in Photolucida’s Critical Mass juried event is becoming published, as the top three photographers will be rewarded with a book. For the person who scores the highest, their book will be in hardcover, not softcover. All of the books are the same size of 8 1/2 x 10″, although not anotated within the books, they are printed in Hong Kong.

The 2006 Critical Mass winners books, Camille Seaman‘s The Last Iceberg, Amy Stein‘s Domesticated, and Donald Weber‘s  Bastard Eden, Our Chernobyl, have just been released by Photolucida. These three books are added to the previous three titles they published from the 2005 Critical Mass.

While providing my recent book making workshop at the 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland, I acquired five of the six titles, above. I will be reviewing these five titles over the next couple of months.

By Douglas Stockdale

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