Photography.Book.Now winners

In the Garden, copyright of Beth Dow, and Grand Prize Winner, 2008

If you have not had a chance to browse the winners of the Blurb photo book contest Photography.Book.Now, you just might want to and see the possibilities of self publishing. The templates of many of the Print on Demand (POD) publishers can be limited, but within the available possibilities, good things can happen.

Blurb can be a nice place to purchase some interesting books.

I know from my own personal experience my first attempts with Blurb now seem a little awkward. I knew where I was trying to get within the limitations of Blurb and for my first book I was not as familiar with the ins and outs. Kinda like the Photoshop software that to learn it after you find out about the basics you just have to start using it. For my Blurb book In Passing I think now that I might design the cover differently. And for my Blurb book Places Amongst Us I should not have chosen the 7 x 7″ format as it was a bit too small.

One nice thing about the POD technology is that you can quickly change your self publishing project into a second edition with a completely different & revamped appearance.

Best regards, Douglas Stockdale

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