Photobook publishers

Publishers to check out which include or are entirely “focused” on contemporary photobooks. This list is not meant to be inclusive.

21st Editions; USA

A-Jump Books; USA



Akina Books; London, UK

Alauda Publications; Amsterdam; NL

Aman Iman Publishing; Villejuif, France

AMMO Books; LA, CA

Ampersand; Portland OR

Apeiron Photos;

Aperture; NYC, NY;

Bemojake; London, UK

Bookshop M; Tokyo, Japan

Candela Books; USA

Chris Boot; London, UK

Chronicle Books;,books/path,1-4-26/title,Photography/

Contrasto Books; Milan, Italy

D.A.P.; photobook distributors & publishers, USA


Die Nacht; Germany

Dewi Lewis Publishing; Manchester, UK

Dokument Press;

Editions Bessard; Paris, France

Edition Braus (Deutsch) Germany

Editions Actes Sud;

Editions Xavier Barral; Paris, France

Edition GwinZegal:

Edizioni Punctum; (Punctum Editions) Rome, Italy

Errata Editions;

Farewell Books;

Foil; Tokyo, Japan

Ghost; Lisbon, Portugal

Gottlund Verlag;

Grafiche SiZ S.p.A., Italy

Hachette Book Group;

Hassla Books; USA

Hatje Cantz; Germany

J and L;

J Paul Getty Publications; LA, CA;

Kehrer Verlag; Heildeberg, Germany;

Kodansha International;

Kodoji Press; Baden Switzerland

La Fabrica; Madrid, Spain

Laguna Wilderness Press; Laguna Beach, CA (no longer publishing)

Lars Muller Publishers, Zurich, Switzerland

Le Cailou Bleu;

Les Editions Poursuite, France;

Libraryman; Stockholm, Sweden

Little Brown Mushroom Books;

Lodima Press;

Loosestrife Books;

Lozen up; Paris, France

Lunwerg Editores;

MACK; London, UK

Mado-sha Co. Ltd; Japan;

Meier und Muller;

Merrell Publishing;

mets en schilt;


Monacelli Press;

Morel Books;

Nazraeli Press;

Nooorderlicht Publishing; The Netherlands;

oode; London, UK

Only Photography; Berlin, Germany

Owl & Tiger, S.F., CA:

Peliti Associati;

Phaidon Press;

photolucida; Portland, OR, USA

Pierre von Kleist Editions;

Pond Press; (no longer publishing)

PowerHouse books; NYC, NY, USA


Princeton Architectural Press; NYC, NY, USA

punctum Editions (Edizioni punctum) Rome, Italy

PVK Editions (Pierre von Kleist);

Radius Books; Santa Fe, New Mexico; USA


Rizzoli; NYC, NY:

Setanta Books; Richmond, Surrey, UK

Schilt Publishing;

Schirmer/Mosel; Germany;

Silas Finch, NYC, NY, USA

steidl; Germany;

T&G Publishing; Sydney, Australia


TBW Books; Oakland, CA, USA

Thames & Hudson; London, UK

The Ice Plant; Los Angeles, CA, USA

The Velvet Cell;

Tosei-sha Publishing; Japan;

Trolley Books; London, UK

Twin Palms Publishers; Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA


U of Chicago Press, Chicago, IL;

U of Texas Press, Austin, TX, USA

van Zoetandaal Publishing;

Verso Limited Editions;

Workman Publishing;

Yale University Press, Cambridge, MA, USA

Zero+ Publishing; Pasadena, CA, USA

6 thoughts on “Photobook publishers

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  1. Hi,
    I was looking for such a list as yours! to look for photobooks to add to the catalog of my bookshop L’ascenceur Vegetal,
    I thank you very much for putting together all that info. But I’ve noticed a few broken links while trying them…
    If you have the opportunity and the time to edit them, here’s the list of corrections:
    – Fail : no longer exists, try
    – badweatherpress went out of business apparently …
    – pelitiassociati … no idea !!
    – pondpress : ??
    – Quantuck Lane Press : no idea !!
    – scalo : no idea !!
    – germanartbooks : no idea !!
    – Umbrage Editions : out of business ?

    Hope this helps …

    Regis L

    1. Hi Regis,

      Reply very long overdue – keeping this list as well as the other Resource pages updated has been a great challenge; Indie publishers (as well as established ones) quickly coming and going. That said, with the recent implementation of a magazine format we have recruited a Resource Manager and are in the process of obtaining a couple of Interns to address updating the various Resource pages, including this one. Thank you for your patience.

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