Photobook Publishers

Publishers to research to find the right fit for you.  These include or are entirely “focused” on contemporary photobooks. This list is not meant to be inclusive.

21st Editions, USA

A-Jump Books, Eugene, Oregon, USA


ABRAMS, New York City, New York, USA

Akina Books, London, UK

Alauda Publications, Amsterdam; NL

Aman Iman Publishing, Villejuif, France

AMMO Books, Los Angeles, California, USA

Ampersand, Portland, Oregon, USA

Apeiron Photos

Aperture, NYC, New York, USA

Atelier VGI, New York, USA

Bemojake, London, UK

Bookshop M, Tokyo, Japan

Buchkunst Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Candela Books, USA

Chris Boot, London, UK

Chronicle Books

Contrasto Books, Milan, Italy

D.A.P.,  Photobook Distributors & Publishers, USA

Dark Spring Press, Tucson, Arizona, USA


Die Nacht, Germany

Dewi Lewis Publishing, Manchester, UK

Dokument Press

Eastern Front Art Publisher, London, UK

Editions Bessard, Paris, France

Edition Braus, (Deutsch) Germany

Editions Actes Sud, France

Editions Xavier Barral, Paris, France

Edition GwinZegal

Edizioni Punctum; (Punctum Editions) Rome, Italy

Errata Editions

Farewell Books

Fabrik Books Copenhagen, Denmark

Foil, Tokyo, Japan

Ghost, Lisbon, Portugal

Gottlund Verlag

Grafiche SiZ S.p.A., Italy

Hachette Book Group

Hassla Books, USA

Hat & Beard Press, Los Angeles, USA

Hatje Cantz, Germany

J and L

J Paul Getty Publications, Los Angeles, California, USA

Journal, Sweden

Kehrer Verlag, Heildeberg, Germany

Kodansha International

Kodoji Press, Baden Switzerland

La Fabrica, Madrid, Spain

Laguna Wilderness Press, Laguna Beach, California (no longer publishing) USA

Lars Muller Publishers, Zurich, Switzerland

Le Cailou Bleu

Les Editions Poursuite, France

Libraryman, Stockholm, Sweden

Little Brown Mushroom Books, Minnesota, USA

Lodima Press

Loosestrife Books

Lozen up, Paris, France

Lunwerg Editores

MACK, London, UK

Mado-sha Co. Ltd, Japan

Meier und Muller

Merrell Publishing

mets en schilt


Monacelli Press

Morel Books, Paris, France

nai010, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Nazraeli Press, California, USA

Nooorderlicht Publishing, The Netherlands

oode, London, UK

Only Photography, Berlin, Germany

Owl & Tiger, San Francisco, California, USA

Peliti Associati

Phaidon Press

photolucida, Portland, OR, USA

Pierre von Kleist Editions, (PVK Editions) Portugal

Pond Press, (no longer publishing)

PowerHouse books; NYC, New York, USA


Princeton Architectural Press, NYC, New York, USA

punctum Editions, (Edizioni punctum) Rome, Italy

Radius Books, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Rathole, Japan

Rizzoli, NYC, New York, USA

Setanta Books, Richmond, Surrey, UK

Schilt Publishing

Schirmer/Mosel, Germany

Silas Finch, NYC, New York, USA

steidl; Germany

T&G Publishing, Sydney, Australia


TBW Books, Oakland, California, USA

Thames & Hudson, London, UK

The Ice Plant, Los Angeles, California, USA

The Eriskay Connection, Breda, The Netherlands

The Velvet Cell, Berlin, Germany

Tosei-sha Publishing, Japan

Trolley Books, London, UK

Twin Palms Publishers, Santa Fe, New Mexico


U of Chicago Press, Chicago, Illinois, USA

U of Texas Press, Austin, Texas, USA

van Zoetandaal Publishing

Verso Limited Editions

Workman Publishing

XYZ Books, Lisbon, Portugal

Yale University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Yoffy Press, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Zatara Press, Richmond, Virginia, USA

Zero+ Publishing, Pasadena, California, USA

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  1. Hi,
    I was looking for such a list as yours! to look for photobooks to add to the catalog of my bookshop L’ascenceur Vegetal,
    I thank you very much for putting together all that info. But I’ve noticed a few broken links while trying them…
    If you have the opportunity and the time to edit them, here’s the list of corrections:
    – Fail : no longer exists, try
    – badweatherpress went out of business apparently …
    – pelitiassociati … no idea !!
    – pondpress : ??
    – Quantuck Lane Press : no idea !!
    – scalo : no idea !!
    – germanartbooks : no idea !!
    – Umbrage Editions : out of business ?

    Hope this helps …

    Regis L

    1. Hi Regis,

      Reply very long overdue – keeping this list as well as the other Resource pages updated has been a great challenge; Indie publishers (as well as established ones) quickly coming and going. That said, with the recent implementation of a magazine format we have recruited a Resource Manager and are in the process of obtaining a couple of Interns to address updating the various Resource pages, including this one. Thank you for your patience.

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