PhotoBook Journal – #26

Welcome to our 26th Issue •

We are midway through Spring while Summer is fast approaching. Here in Southern California that means we transition from ‘May Gray’ to ‘June Gloom’; lots of overcast and cooler days, with the really sunny beach weather usually appearing in July. Now is a really good time to select some interesting photobooks to read by the pool or on holiday, and we hope that you might find our reviews of this month’s titles to be as intriguing as we did.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is not totally under control globally, with some really horrific infection rates occurring world wide, there are some signs that galleries and museums are beginning to reemerge and hopefully book fairs will not be too far behind. Please do your part, when you can get your shot(s) (I did!) and until then wear a mask and socially distance. Let’s keep everyone healthy and safe.

Douglas Stockdale
Senior Editor


Book reviews for May 2021:

Roger Ballen & GabrieleTinti – The Earth Will Come To Laugh and Feast

One person’s nightmare is another person’s reality. Sometimes the two realms are connected in mysterious ways… (more)


Thomas Kellner – The Big Picture

Imagine approaching the rim of the Grand Canyon on a bright sunny day, and watching the stunning natural scenery unfold… (more)


Caroline and Cyril Desroche – Los Angeles Standards

Ahh, typologies. So often prosaic as individual images, yet so powerful when presented as a group. French… (more)


Timm Rautert – Bildanalytische Photographie / Image-Analytical Photography 1968-1974

Timm Rautert combines three lives in one: artist, theoretician and teacher, a professional in the field of photography for half… (more)


Mona Kuhn – Works

This photobook is a retrospective of the collective published projects of Mona Kuhn, thus aptly titled Works... (more)


9mouth – Eroshoot

The American painter Robert Henri, who also spent some time in Paris, once said, “When we respect the nude, we will no … (more)


005 – Dino Kužnik

“I love to return to spaces I have already photographed. To see how they change through time. A new crack in the … (more)


Lukas Birk  Box Camera Now

Once upon a time, itinerant photographers armed with crude homemade cameras worked the street corners and park… (more)


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