PhotoBook Journal – #26

Welcome to our 26th Issue • We are midway through Spring while Summer is fast approaching. Here in Southern California that means we transition from 'May Gray' to 'June Gloom'; lots of overcast and cooler days, with the really sunny beach weather usually appearing in July. Now is a really good time to select some interesting photobooks to read by... Continue Reading →

Mona Kuhn – Works

Review by Douglas Stockdale • This photobook is a retrospective of the collective published projects of Mona Kuhn, thus aptly titled Works. It is a compilation of her published creative endeavors that she has been laboring on for the past twenty-five years in conjunction with her principal publishing collaborator Steidl. In addition, there are also included some... Continue Reading →

Mona Kuhn – Bordeaux Series

Copyright Mona Kuhn 2011 published by Steidl I think that Mona Kuhn’s new photobook, Bordeaux Series, and her fourth with the publisher Steidl, may be her best to date. Each book has the nude as one as one her principal subjects, but in this book she intertwines the nude portraits of individuals with another theme to raise unanswerable and... Continue Reading →

Mona Kuhn – Native

Copyright Mona Kuhn 2009 courtesy Steidl It has taken me a little longer to review Native, the third of the Kuhn titles published by Steidl (Photographs, 2004, and Evidence, 2007) as I am intrigued by her photographic books. I very interested in acquiring and reviewing her earlier work to place this book into a broader context.... Continue Reading →

Mona Kuhn – Evidence

Copyright Mona Kuhn 2007 courtesy Steidl In Mona Kuhn’s her first book, Photographs, there is an interesting mix of singular images with those that hint at a more complex narrative. Kuhn’s later photographs in her first book, with the shift to a color palette and groups of individuals, provides evidence that her style was evolving,... Continue Reading →

Mona Kuhn – Photographs

Copyright Mona Kuhn 2004 published by Steidl In 2004, Mona Kuhn published her first photobook Photographs with the German publisher Steidl. Subsequently Steidl has published two additional Kuhn titles Evidence and most recently Native. Photographs is a body of work this was developed over a period of over six years and draws from two of her then current portfolios Black... Continue Reading →

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