PhotoBook Journal – Issue #20

Kathleen Y. Clark – The White House China

Welcome to our 20th and our annual Interesting Books for 2020 Issue •

This month is the big reveal of our annual list of Interesting Artist and Photographic Books for 2020. This is not intended to be a list of “Best” books or inclusive of all that was published this year. Rather, we considered whether the concept, photographic content, book design or, in some cases, all of these create a truly interesting book to spend time with.

Each of our staff contributed to this list, thus helping to ensuring that it was broad and diverse. Personally, this was not an easy task for me because there were many interesting books I had a chance to hold and review this year.

In this time of pandemic when travel and gallery visits are extremely limited, a virtual gallery provided by a great book is a welcome relief and creative refuge to indulge in.

Please stay healthy and safe. Wear a mask.

Douglas Stockdale


Featured Article:

Interesting Artist and Photographic Books for 2020

As in years past, we have been providing a short list of artist books and photographic books we have found to be very interesting. These are books that we continue to return to engage with again and again…. (more)


Book Reviews in November:

Travis Fox – Remains To Be Seen

This is one disorienting book. It deals with serious social issues — the effects of environmental pollution… (more)


Rick Schatzberg – THE BOYS

Ah, the vagaries of time … and yet, in all of that there is something of enduring value – friendship, the comfort… (more)


Michael Behlen – Searching for Stillness Vol II

Searching for Stillness Vol II is Michael Behlen’s 2019 follow-up to his 2013 Searching for Stillness Vol I…. (more)


Debi Cornwall – Necessary Fictions

From the first images, it’s obvious that this is a book of photographs from the war-torn Middle East. Iraq perhaps… (more)


Agnieszka Sejud – Hoax

When reality is presented as a hoax and made-up stories are flooding social media to substitute for reality, what… (more)


Patrick O’Hare – Evanescent Cities

In a very curious way, photographs can be magical. Photographs, as is well known, capture three-dimensional… (more)


Zhou HanShun – Frenetic City

Living in a large urban city can be an intense experience. The constant crush of humanity at times a little bit overwhelming… (more)


Nobuyoshi Araki and Juergen Teller – Leben und Tod (Life and Death)

Mutual admiration between two photographers can be extraordinary, especially when it stimulates… (more)


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All images and text are © of the individual photographer/artist and/or author.

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