PhotoBook Journal – Issue #13


Welcome to our 13th Issue;

We continue our quarantine mode during the days of COVID-19. This month we have another diverse selection of photobooks, ranging from Australia conceptual landscapes, the genre of the nude, one painted and the other investigating athleticism, as well as two narratives on the concept of dust, WWII reimagined, and a conceptual contemplation of our extinction.

Cheers & please stay healthy and safe,
Douglas Stockdale
Editor & Publisher


Book Reviews during April:

Bill Henson – The Light Fades But the Gods Remain


So often, suburbia is portrayed as a bland and vacuous place — tract homes… (more)


Jon Ortner – Peak of Perfection


I believe a photobook based on a body of work that explores the nude form has some high esthetical and… (more)


Catherine Balet – Moods in a Room


In these days of self-isolation we certainly have become more familiar with our rooms, and with the moods… (more)


Joyce Fischer Rohrmoser – Rent a Foreigner


China, the country that mass-produces for the rest of the world, has also… (more)


Melissa Borman – A Piece of Dust in the Great Sea of Matter


In Melissa Borman’s self-published book, A Piece of Dust in the Great Sea of… (more)


Florian Schwarz – A Handful of Dust


German photographer Florian Schwarz takes on the entire universe in his new book A Handful of Dust.… (more)


Wesley Channell – Human Canvas

0a-Channell Cover

Wesley Channell, who worked as a minister and counselor for many years, is free from the customary judgmental edicts… (more)


Steve McCurry – Animals


Everyone photographs animals, but very few do it well. While we can capture cute expressions of our pets… (more)


David Pace & Stephen Wirtz – Images in Transition


Images in Transition, Wirephotos 1938 – 1945 presents artistic interpretations of wartime wirephotos from the… (more)


Jonathan Blaustein – Extinction Party


Anyone who has put in time on the portfolio review circuit has probably encountered Jonathan Blaustein. He’s that rather intense reviewer with the… (more)


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