Claxton Projects – update

Just a brief update on Claxton Projects, a photobook review site run by the clever Tom Claxton. He has moved his photobook commentaries to a new site after the wonderful attributes (slide shows) that was initially provided by Tumblr were discontinued and probably stated best by Tom:

My main attraction with the Tumblr format was the slide-show facility and when they stopped offering this earlier in the year, it undermined why I was doing the blog and (I think), its effectiveness. So I decided to get a new site built and then I also wouldn’t be at the mercy of a platform provider (like Tumblr). The idea behind the website was that it mirrored the experience of going to a shelf, browsing books and then looking inside them (as closely as online can). I looked at doing videos, but a number of websites have moved over to providing these and I feel photographs of a layout are more considered and a pleasanter way to experience a photography book. I’m also looking into other ways of promoting great photography books online (outside of the new website), because ultimately I’m doing this to share my passion for photo books and encourage others to collect and enjoy!

Also, it seems that Tom has also been bitten by the photobook publishing bug, so he is in the early stages of a potential photobook project that we should look for in 2012, which he describes as: Its going to be a collection of Swedish studio portraits from the 1890’s and will be edited by Michael Lesy (Wisconsin Death Trip), and hopefully a gallery will be exhibiting the work at some point either at the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013 (still to be finalised).

If all of that is not enough to mess with your head, he recently relocated to the US from London.

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