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I just received a nice email from Tom Claxton, a London based photographers agent, regarding a Tumblr site (see sidebar update or poke here) that he has established for photobook reviews, which is very nice.

Tom does have a wonderful feature imbedded that provides a mini-slide show for the photographs he has curated from each of the photobooks he features. If you initially see a black box, just wait a few minutes for it to finish loading, it is worth the wait. It probably takes me a little bit longer than most in as I am running on an old machine which is not very ripped and my web feed is an older DSL (which I hope to upgrade to high-speed cable sometime in the next couple of weeks!).

When I read photobook review blogs which have an elegant sentence or short paragraph, I again wonder about my own reviews, which tend to get a bit lengthy. The downside to my process is that I don’t react as quickly to what comes in the mail, so I always seem to be late to the latest news information game. I had an interesting discussion with Marc Feutsel about this when I met up with him in Paris at Laurence Vecten’s flat. We know that photographers (and especially publishers) like to get that initial buzzzz going for a new book, but there is also some value to a little more depth about a photobook that is published later which could put some more legs on a photobook-project. Some photobook projects take a little longer to allow the subtlities to become more apparent and subsequently take on a richer narrative, which I guess is what I am striving for.

What I understand can be frustrating for some, is that by the time they read about a photobook on this blog, a small edition PIY photobooks may no longer available. So I guess the trade-off is that I will continue to publish my reviews when I am ready and this blog will not necessarily be the site of choice for fast breaking photobook news, I will let a few others play the hottest photobook news game.

Meanwhile, please check out Claxton Projects, a very nice place to spend some time enjoying some photobooks and their interior images.

Best regards, Douglas

December 2012 update: Claxton Projects has moved to a new location and can be found here. Beware, the new site does not seem to as compatible with older versions of Internet Explorer.

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