Marco Delogu – Punctum Press

Marco Delogu photo by Douglas Stockdale

While in Rome this month, I had an opportunity to meet with Marco Delogu, photographer, organizer of the Rome FotoGrafia Festival and Capalbiofotografia, and as importantly, the creative spirit and publisher of Punctum Press. I was very fortunate to carve out some time in his busy schedule. The conversation was wonderful and we quickly ran a wide gamut, ranging from our respective photographic backgrounds, other publishers, the future of the distribution of fine photographic books, book publishing and printing and of course, to photobooks.

It did not take long while inspecting a few of the Punctum Press books to see that there is a lot of respect for the photographers and the desire to produce a high quality photobook. The Punctum Press books are all printed in Italy and the resulting photographs are crisp, clean and beautiful. Delogu is very interested in creating a book that reflects the photographers intent and doing so, he is pushing some publishing boundaries. As example (see the two photos below), Guy Tillim’s Roma, Citta Di Mezzo is essentially one very long and continuous accordion fold. If you have the length of space, the entire book can be displayed. This book would have made it to my short list of Innovative Books for 2009 if I had acquired it sooner. But it is better to acquire it now than not at all, eh?

As a photobook publisher, his inquisitive spirit extends will beyond his own publications, as he has an extensive collection of photobooks, and as he noted, in addition to what I saw at his offices at Punctum, he has even more at his studio.Regretfully, I did not have enough time to spend, but there is a good chance that I will be back in Rome within the next couple of months, so I hope to have the opportunity to continue this conversation.

So in the very near future I will be reviewing a couple of books that feature Delogu’s photographs, both Noir Et Blanc (Black & White) and I Trenta Asssassini (The Thirty Assassins), and a few of Punctum Press photobooks; Guy Tillim’s Roma, Citta Di Mezzo, Claudia Jaguaribe’s Quando Eu VI and the Punctum Press’s edition of Graciela Iturbide’s El Bano De Frida.

Best regards, Douglas Stockdale

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  1. Douglas. Thanks for the inside scoop. I was not previously aware of either Punctum OR Guy Tillim’s book on Rome. Cheers for keeping us all plugged in!


  2. Pete, I only recently became aware of Punctum Press and Tillim’s book, and I appreciate the opportunity to be in the right place to follow up and meet him and see his books up close and personal. I think Marco said that he has published over 200 books in the last eight years. So I think he is getting some well deserved attention.

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