Continuing discussion: Future of PhotoBooks

I just wanted to provide a very quick update on the ongoing crowd-sourcing discussion about the Future of PhotoBooks being moderated by Miki Johnson on the Resolve blog, in which I provided my thoughts about The Future of PhotoBooks. I have provided a follow-up on The PhotoBook for the Innovative PhotoBooks for 2009 that I reviewed.

To date on the inital question about the Future of PhotoBooks, there are approximately 46 Blogger posts linked up (including yours truly) and 16 related Blogging posts and a ton of comments (80 on just the initial Resolve blog). And now, there is still more content evolving. Reading and keeping up with all of this is not a small task, so plan to spend a lot of quality time ;- )

Next, Eyecurious founder Marc Feustel, a Paris-based independent curator and writer with a background in Japanese photography, recently weighed in on How should photobook CREATION evolve in this decade? found here.

Today Todd Walker, a photographer and writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, who blogs on has added his thoughts on How should photobook CONSUMPTION evolve in this decade? found here.  He addresses “consuming”  (his best word to encompass “read,” “viewed,” and “watched”) photobooks.

There will be one more contributor posting tomorrow, so I’ll update this shortly after that post.

And I am very sure that this conversation will continue, but very interesting discussion at this moment in time with the heavy influx of Do it Yourself (dyi) and Print on Demand (POD) capabilities and the steady growth of new boutique book publishers.

Stay tuned!

Best regards, Douglas

Update: The third installment is titled:  Future of Photobooks Discussion: How should photobook FUNDING evolve in this decade? provided by Brooklyn-based (Minnesota-native) photographer Bryan Formhals, who is the founder and creative director of La Pura Vida Gallery, and a member of, an international photography collective, and the article is found here.

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