Blurb printer upgrade

Blurb has just announced that they are now printing all of their 7 x 7″ books on the HP Indigo printers. Yeah!!

For those who have followed my writings on Singular Images, know of the angst that I experienced with the Blurb Xerox EGen color halftone printer that they were using only for the 7 x 7″ books. Since I was a charter member of Blurb’s B3 group, I had access to the color profiles and option of printing with the HP Indigo, and what a difference that made.

So this is good news and I am sorry that they took so long to implement. I am sure that there were some other technical/business reasons for the delay, so still glad they got the point and made the change.

Now I hope that they work the bugs out of the triming process (post printing) for this book so that they do not hack off some of the essential parts, like the page numbers.

Best regards, Doug Stockdale

BTW, my softcover book Places Amongst Us was a SoFoBoMo (Solo Photo Book Month) project fom May 2008. Which is printed on the HP Indgo printer.

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