PhotoBook Journal – Issue #30

Every year the Fall release of photobooks by publishers is a big event. They want to have their books ready for the holidays and itching to get on somebody’s Top Ten book list for the year. With the COVID-19 pandemic this Fall’s release is already a bit irregular. Boxes of books are on ships sitting in a port waiting for their turn to be unloaded or worse; the books are still in China or Korea waiting for a container to be filled and then shipped to a publisher’s warehouse.

Once in port, the shipping container may still sit for a while as the number of truck drivers has dramatically decreased (also why the delay in the boats being off-loaded). A photobook logistical nightmare. So please be patient, many of the wonderful books in the various press releases will be available soon or later. This sure makes using local book printers much more tantalizing…

Douglas Stockdale
Senior Editor


Books featured in September 2021:

Jerry Takigawa – Balancing Cultures

For the Japanese Americans who were sent to internment camps during World War II, these terms defined their… (more)


Lars Eidinger – AUTISTIC DISCO

An actor who challenges various norms in his performances can be expected to do the same when using photography as… (more)


Duane Michals – The Idiots Delight – Plaisirs Ridicules

It may not come as a surprise to anyone who has followed Duane Michals extensive photographic career spanning 50+… (more)


Nick Prideaux – 008

In his work, Nick Prideaux investigates the quiet moments of life, working to illuminate the “delicate stillness” within them… (more)


Friedlander First Fifty

Redmond O’Hanlon’s basic writing strategy is to put himself in some remote and dangerous place and to write about how… (more)


Brian Rose – Monument Avenue

Timing is everything, as is perspective. This is true in photography as well as in life. Recently, the imposingly large… (more)


Emanuel Cederqvist – The Ditch

War, conflict and then its aftermath can create terrible consequences for man-kind. But what if what occurs… (more)


Ugo La Pietra – Viaggio sul Reno 1974

In these pandemic times, when some consider cruises and cruise ships risky leisure activities because of the… (more)


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