PhotoBook Journal – Issue #30

Every year the Fall release of photobooks by publishers is a big event. They want to have their books ready for the holidays and itching to get on somebody's Top Ten book list for the year. With the COVID-19 pandemic this Fall's release is already a bit irregular. Boxes of books are on ships sitting in a port waiting... Continue Reading →

Friedlander First Fifty

Review by Darin Boville • Redmond O'Hanlon's basic writing strategy is to put himself in some remote and dangerous place and to write about how he overcame obstacle after obstacle to his very survival and found his way back. This is a strategy that will be familiar to many artists. Bill Bryson thinks the world of... Continue Reading →

Lee Friedlander – New Mexico

Photographer Lee Friedlander copyright 2008 published by Radius Books  Lee Friedlander: New Mexico was published concurrently by Radius Books with the Friedlander exhibition at the Andrew Smith Gallery Santa Fe, NM in the Fall of 2008. Thus in one sense this book can be viewed as one heck of a great catalog. Usually I defer to the end of the review... Continue Reading →

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