PhotoBook Journal – Issue #24

Welcome to our 24th Issue •

Wow. It has been two years since we changed our book review format and had not anticipated all of the pending social, economic and health changes we would need to weather. Fortunately the COVID vaccines are here and are quickly being implemented in the United States as many become fully vaccinated (like me). Nevertheless, we are not out of the woods yet and probably not until this summer; so be smart, wear a mask, social distance, stay home if you can and of course read a book.

This month we offer a broad range of artist and photo book reviews including an investigation into the current pandemic, with more related book reviews in the works. I suspect that we will continue to see various investigations into the effects of the pandemic for a few years to come.

Please stay healthy and safe.
Douglas Stockdale
Senior Editor

PS: slight delay in this month’s issue is entirely due to technical difficulties on my end as the reinstalled MacOS appears to be my needed fix. sigh.


Book reviews for March 2021:

Bill Wishner – Defaced

Ah, street art and graffiti — the color, the raw energy, the in-your-face graphics. They are such inviting targets… (more)


Bruce Haley – Home Fires Vol. 1 – The Past

While reading one of John Steinbeck’s many novels did you at one time attempt… (more)


Jacenty Dędek – Portrait of the Provinces

Small towns, villages, rural areas – the ‘provinces’ – are the backbone of… (more)


Chris Killip – The Station

Who doesn’t love the smell of sweat, stale beer, and vomit? Who doesn’t fondly remember the danger of… (more)


Gøneja – Rituals

Is ‘normal’ boring, is ‘unorthodox’ exciting? And what are YOUR definitions… (more)


Bill Brandt

Who was Bill Brandt? The simple answer is that he was one of the foremost 20thCentury British photographers. Yet he… (more)


Mark Gill – The Airborne Toxic Event

The cover of Mark Gill’s photobook The Airborne Toxic Event shows a solitary figure crossing an intersection dressed in… (more)


Robert Darch – Vale

The word vale can have a number of meanings. It can imply a farewell, a letting go of things that perhaps… (more)


Anna Karaulova – Rapid Eye Movement

Sleep. A period of time that is an opportunity to refresh oneself and then to start a new day. During that time asleep, we may… (more)


Juergen Teller – Plumtree Court

Depending on your point of view, the fine art and fashion photography of Juergen Teller is either “iconic” and “idiosyncratic”… (more)


Thana Faroq – I Don’t Recognize Me in the Shadows

Thana Faroq is not only a successful exiled woman from Yemen who found a new home in the Netherlands, she is also an excellent storyteller who uses… (more)


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