PhotoBook Journal – Issue #24

Welcome to our 24th Issue •Wow. It has been two years since we changed our book review format and had not anticipated all of the pending social, economic and health changes we would need to weather. Fortunately the COVID vaccines are here and are quickly being implemented in the United States as many become fully vaccinated (like me).... Continue Reading →

Chris Killip – The Station

Review by Melanie Chapman • Who doesn’t love the smell of sweat, stale beer, and vomit? Who doesn’t fondly remember the danger of getting your eye poked out by the spikey hair of an amped up punk thrashing around in a mosh pit? Not you? Well then move right along Granny; this aint your book.... Continue Reading →

Chris Killip – In Flagrante Two

Copyright 2015 (2016) Chris Killip Photographer: Christopher David “Chris” Killip    (born; Douglas, Isle of Man, resides Boston, MA, USA) Publisher: Steidl Verlag (Germany) Essays: the book is without any essays, but does include an index of photographs at the conclusion. Text: English Hardcover book with dust jacket, sewn binding, four-color lithography, with index of photographs, printed in Germany Photobook... Continue Reading →

Chris Killip – Seacoal

Copyright Chris Killip 2011 published by Steidl and GwinZegal During an intermittent period of fourteen months spanning 1983 and 1984 Chris Killip photographed a small hardworking but tight-knit community located on the Northeastern coast of the United Kingdom. His subjects are the families and individuals who were making their living collecting and selling the coal found... Continue Reading →

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