PhotoBook Journal – Issue #16


Welcome to our 16th Issue •

Maybe one of the few bright spots during a pandemic is that there is a lot more time at home getting comfy and reading books. Nevertheless, the socio-economic issues continue to grow, especially in the United States, with the pandemic death rate continuing at an awful pace. All without any federal government leadership and we are now lacking the financial relief for those who have been impacted, which expired at the end of July.

The book reviews featured in July were meant to be diverse. These address environmental issues and the consequences of conflict and war (McGrath and Faminsky), socio-economic (Fourcaud and Rogowski), introspection (Kalman, Ostreicher and Moreira), and social order (Wheatcroft), while including a much needed poetic diversion (de Boer).

Also achieving a really nice milestone this month is the 100th book review by our Associate Editor Gerhard ‘Gerry’ Clausing. In addition to his regular book reviews, he joined various virtual presentations during Photo LA, Focus and Open Show LA and provided the photobook highlights in his article. His joining me in this publishing venture was the spark that led to our current magazine team and format.

Please stay healthy and safe. Wear a mask & social distance.

Cheers & Enjoy
Douglas Stockdale
Editor & Publisher


Book Reviews during July:

Alan Ostreicher – Apartment 304


Around 2006, San Francisco photographer Alan Ostreicher had a simple idea: Why not document life in his… (more)


Nuno Moreira – ERRATA.


What’s life all about? When all is reversed—the real seems fake, the fake seems real—what can we still… (more)


Jordanna Kalman – Little Romances


Let’s forget preconceived notions projected onto images of the female body. Yes, I know, we live in a callous… (more)


Sebastian Rogowski – Suicidal Birds


In looking through Sebastian Rogowski’s 2020 self-published monograph, Suicidal Birds, I was taken… (more)


Fabien Fourcaud – Off season


Ah, summer at the sea shore. Endless beaches and bronzing bodies in the sand. Resort hotels and cocktails… (more)


Jakob de Boer – Where Ravens Cry


Jakob de Boer takes us on his mystical and mythological journey into the Pacific Northwest, a place of memories… (more)


Dara McGrath – Project Cleansweep


What might imminent danger look like? Will something look so out of place or potentially evil that this might provide… (more)


Allan Wheatcroft – Body Language


We expect contemporary street photography to go beyond what was traditional, which often sought out… (more)


Valery Faminsky – Berlin Mai 1945


75 years ago, in April of 1945, Berlin was at the end of being the citadel of an authoritarian “empire” that… (more)



Photobook Highlights at Photo LA’s Virtual Collect and Connect

00-photo la

Even though we are somewhat isolated due to the coronavirus situation, we certainly can still share our work. It can be a more personal experience to virtually visit with our… (more)


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