Filipe Casaca – A Minha Casa e Onde Estas

Copyright Filipe Casaca 2011, self-published

Filipe Casaca’s self published book, A Minha Casa e Onde Estas (My Home is Where You Are) provides in a documentary style, a very intimate and poignant study of Filipe Casaca’s muse, similar to Harry Callahan’s muse, who is his wife. Similar in style to Callahan’s photographs of Eleanor, Casaca investigates his subject using a black and white photographic medium. Unlike Callahan, Casaca’s photographs are dark and full of dense shadows, providing a moody undercurrent to his intimate subject.

There is a series of moments in which his subject reveals herself and then conceals herself, making for an interesting narrative. He investigates the dance between husband and wife, who are also photographer and model, a push-pull relationship consistent with the day-to-day lives of two individuals who share a common life together. Casaca reveals there is a time for desire and closeness, to bond and at other times the need to have space and private time.

Self Published in June 2011, in an edition of 300 signed copies. The clothbound hardcover book has the title in a silver stamping, printed in offset and a trim size of 24 x 31cm. There are 40 pages and an 8 page booklet. The book contains 15 photographic images and the text for the two essays, one by Francisco Feio and a conversation with Mingyu Wu, is provided in Portuguese and English.

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