Recommended PhotoBooks in 2009

I have been thinking about my list of Best PhotoBooks for 2009, and I am in sort of a quandary. The implication is that this list would be for the books that were published in 2009, but the fact is that many interesting books published in 2008 took a while before I could acquire them. And I have not seen or read all of the books published in 2009, not by a long shot. So I am going with what I would “recommend” instead, not presented in any order as to ranking of the best of those recmmended, but I think that these are the photobooks worth further consideration.

Lukas Feltzmann, Waters in Between

Roger Ballen, Boarding House

Bertrand Fleuret, Landmassess and Railways

Mark Klett, Time Studies

Zoe Strauss, America

Sarah Stolfa, The Regulars

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison, counterpoint

Linda Connor, Odyssey

Doug Keys, Collective Memory

Ritta Paivalainen, Imaginary Meetings

Jim Goldberg, Open See

Lee Friedlander, New Mexico

Biography; Dorothea Lange by Linda Gordon

Best regards for the Holidays and New Year, Douglas Stockdale

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