Alan Ostreicher – Apartment 304

Review by Wayne Swanson • Around 2006, San Francisco photographer Alan Ostreicher got a simple idea: Why not document life in his apartment? It would be a personal project, not necessarily intended for anyone beyond him and his wife. Who else would want to capture such mundane subject matter anyway? Jump ahead to the pandemic of... Continue Reading →

Ikuru Kuwajima – Tundra Kids

Review by Gerhard Clausing • Every once in a while we see a photobook that hits all the right spots. In Tundra Kids, Ikuru Kuwajima, a multicultural photographer – born in Japan, studied in the United States, and now lives in Russia – has successfully created a book that shows us a minority at the... Continue Reading →

Ernesto Esquer – In No Time

Review by Douglas Stockdale • This is a slim volume with a series of understated, elegant images framed with an expansive amount of classic white margins. The photographs are a combination of toned and hand colored silver gelatin photographs in which the subjects appear to be only casually related without a real sense of a... Continue Reading →

Saskia Groneberg – Büropflanze (office plant)

Photographer:  Saskia Groneberg (born in Munich; lives in Munich and Berlin, Germany) Publisher:  Edition Taube, Munich and Zurich; © 2017 Essay:  Thomas Seelig Text:  German and English Hardback, thread-stitched; 76 pages, unpaginated; 21.5 x 29.5 cm; printed by Longo A.G., Bozen/Bolzano, Italy Photobook Designers:  Saskia Groneberg and Jonas Beuchert   Notes: Studying this photobook, one... Continue Reading →

Jurek Wajdowicz – 67/11

Photographer:  Jurek Wajdowicz (born in Cracow, Poland; lives in New York City) Publisher:  EWS Press, New York, NY; © 2017 Hardback, sewn binding; illustrated cover; 72 pages, paginated, full color; 7 ¾ x 11 ¾ inches (20 x 30 cm); printed in the USA Photobook Designer:  Emerson, Wajdowicz Studios   Notes: Letting go of one’s... Continue Reading →

Pawel Bownik – Disassembly

Copyright 2012 Pawel Bownik Photographer: Pawel Bownik (resides Poland) Published & copyright: 2013 Publisher: Mundin Sp. Z o.o. Essays: Andrew Berardini Text: English edition (stiffcover insert, saddle stitch binding) Hardcover book, sewn binding, four-color lithography, printed in Poland Photobook designer: Honz Zamojski Notes: Bownik first disassembles his plants and flowers then reconstructs them, documenting the results. A bipolar mix... Continue Reading →

Meme Bartels – monochrome

Copyright 2012 Meme Bartels published by Sequence Publishers (Amsterdam) When I received Meme Bartels first publication, mononchrome, it was difficult to sort out, is this presentation a book, a collection of booklets & bits or as Bartels has stated; an exhibition in a box? Each component of this collection is intended to provide a unique... Continue Reading →

Jerry Burchfield – Primal Images

Copyright Jerry Burchfield, 2004 courtesy Laguna Wilderness Press I am very fascinated by the photographic prints created by Jerry Burchfield (1949 - 2009) for his two recent books, Primal Images: 100 Lumen Prints of the Amazonia Flora,  published in 2004 by Laguna Wilderness Press and subsequently Understory, published this year (2009) also by Laguna Wilderness Press. Burchfield... Continue Reading →

Steve Pyke – Earthward

Photographs copyright of Steve Pyke and courtesy of Nazraeli Press Upon looking at Steve Pyke's recent published body of work Earthward published by Nazraeli Press I immediately thought of the earlier found still life photographs of Irving Penn.  Both photographers have created a new context for their found subjects when isolating from their normal environmental states. I believe it was... Continue Reading →

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