Ikuru Kuwajima – Tundra Kids

Review by Gerhard Clausing • Every once in a while we see a photobook that hits all the right spots. In Tundra Kids, Ikuru Kuwajima, a multicultural photographer – born in Japan, studied in the United States, and now lives in Russia – has successfully created a book that shows us a minority at the... Continue Reading →

Ernesto Esquer – In No Time

Photographer – Ernesto Esquer – In No Time, 2017 Photographer: Ernesto Esquer, resides Tucson, AZ, USA Publisher: Dark Spring Press (Tucson, AZ, USA) Introduction: Ken Rosenthal Text: English Stiff-cover book with side sewn stitching, four-color lithography, printed in Arizona Photobook designer: Andy Burgess and Ernesto Esquer Notes: This is a slim volume with a series of understated,... Continue Reading →

Saskia Groneberg – Büropflanze (office plant)

Photographer:  Saskia Groneberg (born in Munich; lives in Munich and Berlin, Germany) Publisher:  Edition Taube, Munich and Zurich; © 2017 Essay:  Thomas Seelig Text:  German and English Hardback, thread-stitched; 76 pages, unpaginated; 21.5 x 29.5 cm; printed by Longo A.G., Bozen/Bolzano, Italy Photobook Designers:  Saskia Groneberg and Jonas Beuchert   Notes: Studying this photobook, one... Continue Reading →

Jurek Wajdowicz – 67/11

Photographer:  Jurek Wajdowicz (born in Cracow, Poland; lives in New York City) Publisher:  EWS Press, New York, NY; © 2017 Hardback, sewn binding; illustrated cover; 72 pages, paginated, full color; 7 ¾ x 11 ¾ inches (20 x 30 cm); printed in the USA Photobook Designer:  Emerson, Wajdowicz Studios   Notes: Letting go of one’s... Continue Reading →

Pawel Bownik – Disassembly

Copyright 2012 Pawel Bownik Photographer: Pawel Bownik (resides Poland) Published & copyright: 2013 Publisher: Mundin Sp. Z o.o. Essays: Andrew Berardini Text: English edition (stiffcover insert, saddle stitch binding) Hardcover book, sewn binding, four-color lithography, printed in Poland Photobook designer: Honz Zamojski Notes: Bownik first disassembles his plants and flowers then reconstructs them, documenting the results. A bipolar mix... Continue Reading →

Meme Bartels – monochrome

Copyright 2012 Meme Bartels published by Sequence Publishers (Amsterdam) When I received Meme Bartels first publication, mononchrome, it was difficult to sort out, is this presentation a book, a collection of booklets & bits or as Bartels has stated; an exhibition in a box? Each component of this collection is intended to provide a unique... Continue Reading →

Jerry Burchfield – Primal Images

Copyright Jerry Burchfield, 2004 courtesy Laguna Wilderness Press I am very fascinated by the photographic prints created by Jerry Burchfield (1949 - 2009) for his two recent books, Primal Images: 100 Lumen Prints of the Amazonia Flora,  published in 2004 by Laguna Wilderness Press and subsequently Understory, published this year (2009) also by Laguna Wilderness Press. Burchfield... Continue Reading →

Steve Pyke – Earthward

Photographs copyright of Steve Pyke and courtesy of Nazraeli Press Upon looking at Steve Pyke's recent published body of work Earthward published by Nazraeli Press I immediately thought of the earlier found still life photographs of Irving Penn.  Both photographers have created a new context for their found subjects when isolating from their normal environmental states. I believe it was... Continue Reading →

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