PhotoBook Journal – #25

Welcome to our 25th Issue •

We are now well into Spring and patiently waiting for Summer to enjoy the holidays as investigated by Ken Rosenthal’s Days On the Mountains. Fingers crossed that this summer might be similar to our distant memories, unlike this past pandemic-haunted summer. We hope that one of the books we reviewed this past month will provide a tease as a potential good read on the beach or wherever you enjoy your holidays.

Please stay healthy and safe. We still need to wear a mask inside, social distance and when provided the opportunity, get your vaccine jab! (I did, twice)

Douglas Stockdale
Senior Editor


Book reviews for April 2021:

Michal Adamski – Two Tailed Dog

Phony patriotism. Vilifying the opposition. Demonizing outsiders. Sound familiar?… (more)


Ellen Friedlander – Extended Frame 

A densely packed urban environment can overwhelm the senses. The noisy buzz of activity, the jostling sea of humanity… (more)


Camagüey, Camagüey, Camagüey – Manuel Díaz, Felipe Aguilar, & Julio M. Romero

Three street photographers and their three unique perspectives and shared interests; they came together in 2019 at… (more)


Ken Rosenthal – Days On the Mountain

As I write this, spring is now into full swing and summer appears to be fast approaching. We are still in the midst of the… (more)


Nat Ward – Big Throat

From time to time we wonder what life is all about. Special moments and places … (more)


Anja Manfredi – Gesture and Analog Photography

Here’s a question you may not have considered until now: What’s the connection between the social conventions of… (more)


Phillip Kalantzis-Cope – Middlescapes

Among the many poetically posed, yet ambiguously explained, concepts found in the writings of the German essayist… (more)


René Groebli – The Magic Eye

Some artists are of their time. Others, like Swiss photographer René Groebli, transcend time…. (more)


Jörg Colberg – Vaterland

In some respects, Germans believe in equal opportunity – they give credit to their parents for country and language: Vaterland… (more)


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