PhotoBook Journal – Issue #23

Welcome to our 23rd Issue •

We have a diverse range of book reviews this month: biographies of photo legends, reflections on the act of photography, an artist book and a new zine collection.

Looking ahead: In conjunction with Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP), I will be leading a virtual (Zoom) Book Development Workshop over four days (two consecutive weekends), March 13 & 14th and 20 & 21st from 9:00 – noon (PST). Sign-up at LACP.

Please stay healthy and safe. We still need to wear a mask, social distance, wash our hands and when provided the opportunity, get your vaccine jab. I recently qualified and had my first poke! Which means I should now use the title of Senior Editor (versus Ancient Editor), eh?

Douglas Stockdale
Senior Editor


Book reviews for February 2021:

Rebecca A. Senf – Making a Photographer: The Early Work of Ansel Adams

This book provides an engaging historical account of one of our most renowned photographic icons. Senf’s biographical anecdote… (more)


Ohemaa Dixon – Tanpa Izin

The gently layered experience of Tanpa Izin begins with the cover: an untitled forest green and black abstract photograph speckled with the Ben Day dot technique, mirrored on the back cover. Bound by a four-sided kelly green rubber band; I make note of the color green. (more)


Ellen Korth – Walks

There are many stories related to the pervasive adaptions in response to the COIVID-19 pandemic, which has changed and impacted so many lives… (more)


David Campany – On Photographs

His newest book, On Photographs, takes its title from Sontag’s and, as Campany relates in his introduction, from a meeting he had with her in which he raised concerns.. (more)


Yumiko Izu – Saul Letier: In Stillness

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a Saul Leiter photograph? The soothing atmosphere, the soft, light and, most of all, the gentle painterly color palette of a pioneer in color… (more)


Robert Llewellyn – Lexicon

How do you decipher the unfamiliar and the unknown? What cues from your past can be applied to new, unfamiliar shapes and textures, seemingly… (more)


Julia Borissova – White Blonde

Antarctica, the South Pole, a forlorn, and icy desolated location that is not on very many individual’s list as an idea of place to vacation with the family… (more)


Kevin Bubriski – Our Voices, Our Streets: American Protests 2001 – 2011

Americans have always exercised their right to demonstrate and protest, and the peaceful public expression of a multitude… (more)


Wouter Vanhees – Hà Nội

Deep purples and blacks, satiny reds, rich oranges – the night photography of Hanoi by Wouter Vanhees treats the reader… (more)


Julia Borissova – V (Zine Collection)

Borissova has assembled the first five of her Zine Collections as a group titled V, which includes Running to the Edge (Zine Collection No. 1), The Further Shore (Zine… (more)


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