PhotoBook Journal – Issue #22

Welcome to our 22nd Issue •

Wow! And we thought 2020 had been a traumatic year. Then 2021 began in the U.S. with the attempted coup at our Capitol. Thus our book review schedule was a bit disrupted by this and related events, but we’re getting back on track again with a new administration that is focused on keeping our American democracy intact.

Looking ahead: In conjunction with Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP), I will be leading a virtual (Zoom) Book Development Workshop over four days (two consecutive weekends), March 13 & 14th and 20 & 21st from 9:00 – noon (PST). Sign-ups at LACP are open.

Please stay healthy and safe. We still need to wear a mask, social distance, wash our hands and when provided the opportunity, get your vaccine jab!

Douglas Stockdale

Book reviews for January 2021:


S. Billie Mandle – Reconciliation

It’s just a room, and a very small one at that, but there aren’t many spaces with a presence as large as the Roman Catholic confessional… (more)


Alice Jankovic– Yet I Was a Tree in the Woods

Alice Jankovic has created an introspective and poetic artist book inspired by a recently found family archive that includes a worn copy of … (more)


Roger Ballen – Roger the Rat

Roger Ballen is taking us on another trip – this time viewed through the mind of an alter ego named Roger the Rat… (more)


Katherine Longly – Hernie & Plume

This book is about an enduring love story between two individuals, Blieke and Nicole, with a few twists…. (more)


Harvey Stein – Then and There: Mardi Gras 1979

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is an old tradition. Just as is the case in Europe and elsewhere, there are religious and tribal underpinnings… (more)


Harmony Korine and Juergen Teller – William Eggleston 414 

“Where are we going?” “I wanted to show you nothing.” Coming from most people, that explanation would hardly seem… (more)



Have you ever enjoyed a novel, or fallen in love with a painting or film, only to later learn something uncomfortable about the creator… (more)


Regina Anzenberger – Roots & Bonds

Regina Anzenberger’s Roots & Bonds is a self-published book that appears to be a mash-up of Paul Caponigro photographs and Abstract Expressionism… (more)


Claudia den Boer – To Pick Up a Stone

Stones, rocks, and mountains come in endless sizes and shapes and are composed of a variety of materials. They are the building blocks of the earth… (more)


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