PhotoBook Journal – Issue 19

Welcome to our 19th Issue •

We have a another broad selection of photobook reviews this past month for your continuing consideration; social commentaries, urban landscape studies, environmental call to action and narratives about life, while we also found ourselves going to the dogs this month.

Meanwhile, the Covid-19 pandemic is getting worse and we hope for a new American administration that will actually address this critical health issue. For all Americans; please vote!

Please stay healthy and safe.
Douglas Stockdale
Editor & Publisher


Book Reviews in October:

Dotan Saguy – Nowhere to Go But Everywhere

During these past few months of the pandemic, haven’t we each found ourselves staring out windows, looking… (more)


Satoshi Hirano – Reconstruction. Shibuya, 2014–2018

Satoshi Hirano’s Reconstruction documents the large-scale redevelopment of Tokyo’s Shibuya station. Reconstruction… (more)


Erica Ann Flood – All The Days of Your Life

In her self-published book, All The Days of Your Life, Erica Ann Flood… (more)


Karola Jansen – Un Natural Species

Ubiquitous. The use of plastic is everywhere and has become a classic double-edged sword. Its properties… (more)


Dyba Lach and Adam Lach – How to Rejuvenate an Eagle

Poland is a country that has been subjected to tumultuous ups and downs for… (more)


Sal Taylor Kydd – Landfall

“Landfall” is a term to describe an approach to or a sighting of land that signals an arrival at one’s destination… (more)


Nancy Baron – Palm Springs Modern Dogs at Home

As the title makes abundantly clear, this is a book about dogs. Purebred, rescues… (more)


Chris Suspect – Old Customs

I visited Albania in 2009. Until opening – slowly — to Western tourism in the mid-1990s, Albania had been… (more)


Vivian Rutsch – Still Here

Sometimes a photobook can really get to you, with a narrative that is quite real. At the same time, while it may… (more)


Lukasz Rusznica – Subterranean River

What might occur when one decides to investigate something very foreign that is additionally complicated… (more)


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