PhotoBook Journal – Issue #18

Welcome to our 18th Issue •

We are featuring a diverse selection of photobooks in this issue. We hope you find some creative inspiration and some books that you might want to add to your collection. With the Covid-19 pandemic still unabated here in the US and looming in other countries, there are many artists, photographers, galleries, indie bookstores and book publishers who could use your support by your purchase of one of their books.

Please stay healthy and safe.
Douglas Stockdale
Editor & Publisher


Book Reviews during September:

George Katzenberger – 605 East Chestnut

An old ‘craftsman-style’ house and recollections of times spent there – these are the ingredients of this… (more)


Paul Hart – Reclaimed

On the eastern side of England was a vast marshland, a region known as the Fens, which was eventually conquered by a combination of technology… (more)

Yukari Chikura – Zaido

A dream in which a deceased father speaks words of inspiration to his daughter, who now inspired visits a… (more)

Jan Mammey – Mise en Abyme

German photographer Jan Mammey celebrates form in all its forms in Mise en Abyme. There are… (more)

Benita Suchodrev – Of Lions and Lambs

When her photobook reached me for review, I had to put it aside at first. Benita Suchodrev’s Of Lions and Lambs… (more)

Elinor Carucci, David Hilliard, Mickalene Thomas – Caress

These days it is especially refreshing to see projects that honor caring for others. Yoffy Press has a program… (more)

Haley Morris-Cafiero – The Bully Pulpit

Bullying seems to be the main manifestation of a new disease that is marked by an inability to accept the fact… (more)

Henrik Malmström – Garbage Systems

This photobook is complete garbage. Garbage containers, garbage pickers, garbage. Even the front and back… (more)

Gideon Lewin – Avedon: Behind the Scenes 1964–1980

What does a sorcerer’s apprentice observe over a sixteen-year period? Avedon was certainly a flamboyant creator… (more)

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