Photobook definitions on a new Reference page

While I was reviewing some recent photobooks, I realized that I have been using some book design and publishing jargon that may not be as well known to photographers and readers of photobooks. I think for many folks, the book printer (and bindery) may be a black-box; photographs and essays go in one side and pretty soon a ton of printed photobooks in cardboard boxes come out the other side.

So I decided to provide a little bit of information to demystify some of the book design and publishing (printing) processes and terminology. This may be especially helpful for those who like me who are very interested in creating their own artist books and self-publishing. Thus I have initiated a new Reference page available on the upper right side bar of this blog to provide definitions and links to sites (usually Wikipedia) that provide even more detail.

So check it out and perhaps it might help you understand some of the things lurking in the book designers bag-of-tricks or in the publisher’s black-box. And if you still have some questions, leave a comment and I will try to answer the best I can.


Btw, this is currently a work in progress and hope to have this finished by the end of the year (2013).

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