Chris Mottalini – Land of Smiles

Photographer: Chris Mottalini (born Buffalo, NY & resides Brooklyn NY, USA) Self-Published: Corgi Editions (E: 350): Brooklyn, NY copyright 2017 Text: English & Thai Stiff cover with French folds, Japanese folded pages and cold-glue binding, four-color lithography, printed in Belgium by Die Keure Photobook designer: Remake Design (Mike Dyer) Notes: Chris Mottalini’s recently self-published photobook Land... Continue Reading →

Open call – The Anamorphosis Prize

Bluewater Shore, copyright 2017 Douglas Stockdale Open call: The Anamorphosis Prize for self-published photo-based books. The Anamorphosis Prize was established to promote excellence, dialogue and excitement in the field of self-published photobooks and photo-based artist books. The word anamorphosis is derived from the Greek, ana meaning again and morphe meaning form. Anamorphosis is a distortion that... Continue Reading →

Alejandro Cartagena – Before the War

Copyright 2015 Alejandro Cartagena Photographer: Alejandro Cartagena (born Dominican Republic, resides Mexico) Publisher: Self-published (Mexico) Text: English & Spanish Multiple components, variable sizes, unbound in a heavy printed board folder, black & white lithography (newsprint), printed in Mexico Photobook designer: Alejandro Cartagena & Fernando Gallegos Notes: For Cartagena, “in 2008 the war against the drug cartels erupted in México.... Continue Reading →

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