Imogen Cunningham – A Retrospective

Review by Douglas Stockdale • After moving to Southern California and adapting to the zone system for my natural black and white landscape photography, Imogen Cunningham as a result of her affiliation with the West Coast Group f/64 was already legendary. She was well known for her botanicals, nudes, and portraits, as well as a... Continue Reading →

Edward Weston – 125 Photographs

Copyright the estate of Edward Weston & 1981 U of Arizona Reagents, published by AMMO 2012 This Edward Weston monograph is a contemporary examination of a Modernist Photographer viewed from today’s perspective. As a photographer of the West Coast (USA) school of photography, Edward Weston (b. 1886 – d. 1958 ) has a legendary presence... Continue Reading →

August Sander – Face of Our Time

Copyright of the Estate of August Sander, 2003 courtesy Schirmer Mosel Verlag In 1929 August Sander (1876 – 1964), a German portrait photographer published his first book Antlitz der Zeit (Face of Our Time) by Kurt Wolff Verlag with an essay by the German writer Alfred Doblin. This famous book was re-issued by Schirmer Mosel... Continue Reading →

William Henry Fox Talbot

Photographs copyright of the Estate of William Henry Fox Talbot, courtesy Phaidon Press This retrospective book is edited by Geoffrey Batchen about William Henry Fox Talbot (b. 1800, d. 1877). It is very nicely written and printed book which does a wonderful job of keeping William Henry Fox Talbot's extensive early photographic work in perspective. The book provides Talbot's early technical... Continue Reading →

Bernd & Hilla Becher at Museo Morandi

Photographs copyright Bernd & Hilla Becher courtesy of Schirmer/Mosel and Prestel USA Bernd and Hilla Becher are the German photographic team who become well known over the last 30+ years for the development of their industrial Typologies (and how many times have I unknowing read this as Topologies). This book is a catalog, published by Schirmer/Mosel in... Continue Reading →

The Best of Helmut Newton

Photographs copyright of the Helmut Newton Estate courtesy of Schirmer/Mosel Schirmer/Mosel which is the late Helmut Newton's long term publishing partner has just re-issued a softback version their Best of Helmut Newton edited by Zdenek Felix with the art direction by June Newton, Helmut's wife. The first edition hardbound book was initially published by Schirmer/Mosel in 1991. This book provides a broad sampling of... Continue Reading →

Paul Outerbridge Jr: Photographs

Photographs are copyright of the estate of Paul Outerbridge Jr This last month I have seen a small flurry of activity regarding the photographic body of work by Paul Outerbridge Jr. ( 1986 - 1958). Outerbridge was a eccentric contemporary and competitor of Edward Steichen, a friend of Marcel Ducamp, Man Ray and others while living... Continue Reading →

Man Ray – Taschen Special Icons

Copyright, Man Ray, 2008, Taschen I recently picked up a Man Ray book published by Taschen  (published 2008) as part of their Special Icon series. I could almost afford not to as the new price was $7.99 USD at Borders. And this is a hardcover book with slip cover no  less. Wow! This small book (7-5/8 x 5-3/4)... Continue Reading →

Diane Arbus – An Aperture Monograph

review by Douglas Stockdale • I recently had the opportunity to purchase a used copy of the Aperture Monograph of Diane Arbus, which had been reissued in softcover in 1997 as a twenty-five year anniversary issue. With a retrospective look at a photographers body of work there is an opportunity to see how well it weathers the test of... Continue Reading →

Atget by John Szarkowski

"cour 7 rue de Valencia", 1922, Eugene Atget, courtesy of MOMA I had published an earlier article in Singular Images about my continuing interest in Eugene Atget's photographic urban landscapes. I subsequently purchased the hardcover book Atget by the late John Szarkowski published by MOMA as a first edition in 2000. All I can say is that this is a wonderful book for... Continue Reading →

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