Manca Juvan – Guardians of the Spoon

Photographer: Manca Juvan (b. & resides Ljubljana, Slovenia) Publisher: ZRC Publishing Essays: Manca Juvan, Sasa Petejan, Urska Strle Text: English (Slovene e-book edition is available) Hardcover book with slip-cover, ring binding, four-color lithography, split pages, Fascist internment timeline, printed at optimal media, Germany Photobook designer: Prapesa (Sara Badovinac & Peter Zabret) Notes: The opening photographs are... Continue Reading →

Manca Juvan – Unordinary Lives – Afghanistan

Copyright 2012 the photographer, Manca Juvan published by Sanje Publishing In the United States, the nation of Afghanistan has come to symbolize a weary drawn out war with nightly TV combat clips of the destruction and an endless roll call of the latest military casualties. I think we have become emotionally deaden to the human suffering... Continue Reading →

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