Herbert Döring-Spengler – Photo-Sculptor

Review by Gerhard Clausing • Throughout the 20th Century there were some artists that overcame the traditional rules of “straight” photography and dared to take liberties with their interpretation of reality by means of special effects. Those working in the style of pictorialism come to mind, as well as the forerunner of digital manipulation, William... Continue Reading →

Darin Boville – Computational Photography

Review by Paul Anderson • This photobook is full of mystery and angst, encompassing a very eclectic mix of ideas and images. Its essays and associated images address societal disconnect, fatal flaws, personal fears, wonder and mystery, and alternative or imagined views. Boville has gathered some very personal bodies of work and presented them in... Continue Reading →

Steve Dzerigian – Trail of Stones

Guest review by Madhu John • In essence, this book is an autobiography of an artist, a dedicated teacher and a studiously creative photographer tracing a rich eventful journey through a wide variety of striking images and illuminating prose. In this age of the ubiquitous camera wielded by every mother, son and daughter, why, you... Continue Reading →

Martin Barnes – Cameraless Photography

Guest review by Paul Anderson •  Cameraless Photography by Martin Barnes is an historical survey of cameraless photography, and the written introduction provides an excellent overview of this genre. The subsequent 141 illustrations of cameraless photography are drawn from the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The book concludes with a four-page glossary... Continue Reading →

A Place Both Wonderful and Strange

A Place Both Wonderful and Strange, Edited by Gustavo Aleman Artists/Photographers with essays; Anna Beeke, Carl Bigmore, Melissa Catanese, Salvi Danes, Cristina De Middel, Enrico Di Nardo + Valentina Natarelli, Antone Dolezal, Philippe Fragniere, Jason Fulford, Rory Hamovit, Sara Palmieri, Sarah Walker Publisher: Fuego Books, 2017 (book is not dated) Afterword: David Company Text: English... Continue Reading →

Rose-Lynn Fisher – The Topography of Tears

Photographer:  Rose-Lynn Fisher (born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, lives in Los Angeles) Publisher:  Bellevue Literary Press, New York, NY; © 2017 Essays:  William H. Frey II, Ph.D., Ann Lauterbach, Rose-Lynn Fisher Text:  English Paperback, stiff cover with French flaps; 128 pages with duotone images; 8x8 inches; printed and bound in China Photobook Designer:  Mulberry Tree Press,... Continue Reading →

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