PhotoBook Journal is an international virtual magazine that focuses on photographic based books and publications, which provides commentary and reviews for contemporary projects, monographs, and small edition artist books. We discuss the content, book design, layout and production attributes and on occasion will provide interviews of photobook artists, publishers and designers, discuss book trends and photobook news.

Our vision:

We are an independent voice.

We embrace noteworthy photobooks, whether they come from major publishers, small presses, or are self-published.

We review a printed photobook, as the physical nature of the object is important: cover, paper, layout, sequence, and visuals, as well as texts as supplementary or explanatory materials where provided.

We strive to present book reviews that are accessible and understandable to a broad range of readers.


The editorial staff is composed of artists and photographers who investigate contemporary issues, projects, and themes while appreciating the book object as well as being book collectors. Our all volunteer staff are active in photographic/photobook events, book signings and photo festivals as participants, book judges, curators and portfolio reviewers.

Senior Editor & founder: Douglas Stockdale

Associate Editor: Gerhard (Gerry) Clausing

Contributing Editors:

Paul Anderson

Debe Arlook

Melanie Chapman

Kristin Dittrich (Shift School)

Steve Harp

Brian O’Neill

Wayne Swanson

Rudy Vega

Administration team:

Resource Manager: Debe Arlook

Design: Deborah Davis Design

Digital Architect: Jonas Yip

Guest Editors:

Darin Boville,  Richard S. Chow,  Bill Edwards,  madhu joseph-john,  Micah McCoy,  T.W. Moore

Anne Murray,  Christine Riedell,  Brian Rose,  Lodoe-Laura Haines-Wangda,  Dia Yunzhi Wang 

PhotoBook Journal magazine Alumni:

Alaina Dall (Copy Editor)

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  1. Hi!

    My name is Petra Sith, and I am a freelance photographer from Northern Illinois. I left my job last year after many years in corporate America, to pursue my dreams in the field. After much loss, and hardship, one of my goals was to publish my own book within a year. I have a Kickstarter page to try to raise funds for this project. The link is below. The idea of the book is simple black and white photos of people holding signs, having written what they wanted to convey to the world at that time. I have been working on these photos with 200+ people from Milwaukee to Chicago. The book is called “One Man Rally: I Have Something to Say”. If you find this something you would like to back, I would very much appreciate a share of the link on your blog. I’m reaching out to different bloggers, and sites, to try to find assistance from other creative minds and sources. Thank you for your time!

    The Kickstarter link is:

    My photography website is: http://www.petrasith.com

    Thanks again!

    Petra Sith

  2. Love the blog, I am an avid photobook collector and creator myself so have added your blog to my favourites bar and will check in regularly.
    Thanks, Sarah


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