PhotoBook Journal – Issue #8

09-ParisPhotoWelcome to our Eighth Issue! •

Here in the States we just celebrated our Thanksgiving Holiday this last weekend, which in addition to the annual tradition of eating too much (or is that my tradition?), it’s a time to give Thanks. Thus a very BIG Thank You for your support for this new magazine endeavor and your continuing interest in all the creative photobooks that we feature.

We will be sharing our annual list of Interesting Photobooks within the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that announcement.

The entire PhotoBook Journal staff wishes each of you a wonderful and very creative December holiday season.

Cheers & Enjoy!
Douglas Stockdale
Editor & Publisher


Book Reviews in November:

Sohrab Hura – The Coast


Our current time is marked by an increasing blurring between reality and fantasy, and also by a greater prevalence of verbal… (more)


Andy Summers – A Certain Strangeness


Want to be a street shooter, traveling the world in search of decisive moments? Here’s one path… (more)


Nico Bick – Parliaments of the European Union


Nico Bick’s Parliaments of the European Union (nai010 publishers, 2019) is an imposing volume…. (more)


Allison Stewart – Bug Out Bag: The Commodification of American Fear


We find ourselves in a time of greater uncertainty. Thus our anxieties and fears are also greater… (more)


Mark F. Erickson – Other Streets


You can’t go home again” is the famous quote by Thomas Wolfe, but what if you do not have any memory or… (more)


Patrick Brown – No Place on Earth


If ever there was a singular book that exemplifies the meaning of “Photo Evidence” (FotoEvidence), this… (more)


Letícia Lampert – Conhecidos de Vista


Densely packed multi-story apartment buildings are a fact of life in today’s crowded cities. Brazilian photographer… (more)



An ICP Photo and Bookmaking Course


For several years I have been teaching a course at the International Center of Photography (ICP) that… (more)


2019 Paris Photo – Polycopies – Offprint 09-ParisPhoto.jpgAfter a whirlwind attendance at Paris Photo 2019, and the auxiliary photo book exhibitions, Polycopies and Offprint… (more)


PhotoBook Journal Interview – Kris Graves


I had an opportunity to very briefly meet Kris Graves during the last L.A. Art Book Fair, along with… (more)


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