My take-away from Photo Book Independent

copyright the photographers, 2016 Douglas Stockdale A quick shout out of thanks to all of the photobook photographers & artist at Photo Book Independent. Above is a photo of my book acquisitions, trades & gifts. Not in any particular order, these include: Aline Smithson's Self & Others, published by The Magenta Foundation (lucky me, I... Continue Reading →

Curatorial walk thru at Photo Book Independent

The schedule for talks, book signings and curatorial discussions has just been posted for Photo Book Independent, a part of Photo Independent later this month in LA (Hollywood) I am honored to have an opportunity to provide two curatorial walk-through's to discuss the photobooks that were recently juried-in for the book competition as well as those that are... Continue Reading →

Interesting Photobooks for 2014

My interesting Photobooks of 2014 For those who follow my posts already know that I am a strong believer that anyone who has the endurance, determination and guts to publish their photobook deserves a strong pat on the back. You are all winners! The following photobooks have that little something extra, which may be exceeding... Continue Reading →

Photobook events

This is just a quick shout out about some current and pending photobook events. These are always great opportunities to hold, see, compare and purchase photobooks. It can also be a slight bit overwhelming, so give yourself plenty of time, which is good advice that I need to take myself. Also, for some popular book... Continue Reading →

World PhotoBook Day > October 14th

Copyright the photographers, various titles recently published by Aalphabet A brief shout-out about the pending World Photobook Day occurring on October 14th. This fun day (this year on a Monday) originated by The Photobook Club of Madrid in conjunction with my buddy Matt Johnston whose idea was to form the various Photobook Clubs from his... Continue Reading →

Paris Photo LA – 2014

. Untitled (stack of new books) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale. One of the nice aspects of LA becoming a regional center for photography is the growing number of photographic events occurring locally. Even though I live a good hour drive south of LA (if the traffic behaves), much easier to attend than similar events in... Continue Reading →

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