Stab binding – Fukuro Toji

Copyright Oliver Zenklusen, d'un mode flottant (of a floating world) 2013, self-published Japanese stab binding, also known as Fukuro Toji (bound-pocket books), is a hands-on artist book binding process that can personalize a photobook project. The stab binding results in an elegant bound book that employs one of the basic, if not classic, sewing processes... Continue Reading →

Naked Bound

Naked bound with Dust Jacket, Laura Braun, Metier, copyright 2013 Okay, for some of you I'm guessing that the title of this post might not be exactly what you were expecting, eh? For some time artist, photographers and graphic designers have been pushing the conceptual design envelop of a photobook as an integral extension of... Continue Reading →

Edizioni Punctum – A Maximum Gatefold

Edizioni Punctum - Guy Tillim's Roma, Citta di Mezzo While I was researching Guy Tillim's 2009 Roma, Citta di Mezzo, published by Edizioni Punctum, I came across a really awesome image, above, that was posted on photo-eye that I feel elegantly illustrates the complexity of this Concertina foldingĀ (Note: At the time of this postĀ I had... Continue Reading →

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