Nick Brandt – The Day May Break. Chapter Two

Review by Gerhard Clausing • Environmental destruction and climate change certainly constitute a universal problem. Resources are limited, and both humans and other creatures have their needs to fulfill. Nick Brandt is an artist with a big heart and an even bigger conscience, and in his work, he calls attention to these disturbing global trends.... Continue Reading →

PhotoBook Journal – Issue #31

Welcome to our 31st Issue • We are in the midst of the Fall releases and there is still some logistical chaos here in the U.S., with some publisher (& author/photographer) angst. Regretfully all of this is probably going to lead to some price increases for photobooks (actually all books of every kind and sort). For October we... Continue Reading →

Nick Brandt – The Day May Break

Review by Douglas Stockdale • Nick Brandt’s latest photobook, The Day May Break, is another evolutionary step in his process of investigating the environmental and ecological issues facing the African continent that represent the greater issues facing mankind worldwide. He utilizes his extensive cinematic experience to create emotionally charged photographic portraits that juxtapose people and animals to... Continue Reading →

Nick Brandt – This Empty World

Review by Gerhard Clausing • Callous attitudes toward our natural environment and a non-scientific ignorance regarding current and impending climate calamities are prevalent these days. Economic and population pressures and interests in short-term economic gain also abound. These are recognized as contributing to the demise of humans and other creatures. Encroachment on habitats, competition for... Continue Reading →

Nick Brandt – On This Earth, A Shadow Falls

Copyright Nick Brandt 2010 published by Big Life Editions This photobook is a sublime compilation of Nick Brandt’s two earlier published photobooks, On This Earth and A Shadow Falls. This book containing 90 photographs selected from the first two books. What seems to be missing in this new book are photographs of the animals in the... Continue Reading →

Nick Brandt – On This Earth

copyright 2005 Nick Brandt published by Chronicle Books First let me say, I am not a big fan of "animal" books. But this is not photographic book of animals in the usual sense. Oh, yes, Brandt does show us many of the wild animals of East Africa, but in a very different context than the normal safari document. There... Continue Reading →

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