Melissa Lazuka – Fly Away

  Review by Douglas Stockdale • Melissa Lazuka’s second self-published artist book Fly Away continues her narrative on the transient nature of her children’s life and her self-awareness that they are very quickly growing up, perhaps way too fast. It is a sequel to her brilliantly conceived artist book Song of the Cicadas that I reviewed... Continue Reading →

Melissa Lazuka – Song of the Cicadas

Song of the Cicadas, Melissa Lazuka, Copyright 2018 Artist: Melissa Lazuka (born Cleveland, OH, resides Chardon, Ohio) Self-Published, Ohio Without essays, pagination or captions Text: English Hardcover book, leporello binding, photographs & paper ephemera, hand-made, limited edition 1/1 in a series of 25, USA Photobook concept & designer: Melissa Lazuka Notes: I met Melissa Lazuka while reviewing... Continue Reading →

Artist books – challenge of multiples

Melissa Lazuka, Song of the Cicadas, copyright 2018 One of the pleasures I derive from being a Portfolio Reviewer for various events is that my experience as Editor of this Journal attracts individuals who are either in the midst of creating a photobook or may have recently developed one. Such was the case recently when... Continue Reading →

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