Jurek Wajdowicz – 67/11

Photographer:  Jurek Wajdowicz (born in Cracow, Poland; lives in New York City) Publisher:  EWS Press, New York, NY; © 2017 Hardback, sewn binding; illustrated cover; 72 pages, paginated, full color; 7 ¾ x 11 ¾ inches (20 x 30 cm); printed in the USA Photobook Designer:  Emerson, Wajdowicz Studios   Notes: Letting go of one’s... Continue Reading →

Melissa Lazuka – Song of the Cicadas

Song of the Cicadas, Melissa Lazuka, Copyright 2018 Artist: Melissa Lazuka (born Cleveland, OH, resides Chardon, Ohio) Self-Published, Ohio Without essays, pagination or captions Text: English Hardcover book, leporello binding, photographs & paper ephemera, hand-made, limited edition 1/1 in a series of 25, USA Photobook concept & designer: Melissa Lazuka Notes: I met Melissa Lazuka while reviewing... Continue Reading →

Tara Wray – Too Tired for Sunshine

Too Tired for Sunshine, Tara Wary, Copyright 2018 Photographer: Tara Wary (born Manhattan,Kansas, resides Vermont, USA) Publisher: Yoffy Press (Atlanta, GA, USA) Introduction: Aimee Bender Text: English Hardcover book, sewn binding, four-color lithography, printed in Turkey Photobook designer: Jordan Swartz Notes: I am always amazed when an artist attempts to define an internal personal feeling, whether is it... Continue Reading →

Ellen Korth – Fabric of Time

Artist: Ellen Korth (b. The Hague, Netherlands – resides Deventer (Netherlands) & Nordhorn (Germany) Self-Published 2018 and developed in collaboration with Castle (Kasteel) Twickel (Netherlands) (see exhibition photo below), signed and numbered Edition of 50 Text: English Poetry: Pablo Nerudo Stiff cover, rolled, artist printed on 14-gram Japanese Awagami double-layered paper, and then bottom layer removed, Japanese... Continue Reading →

Richard S. Chow – Distant Memories

Photographer: Richard S. Chow (born Hong Kong & resides Los Angeles, CA) Self-published 2016, Edition of 50 Text: English Stiff covers, perfect bound, black and white, printed by MagCloud (div. Blurb) Photobook designer: Richard S. Chow Notes: Richard S. Chow came to Southern California as a sixteen year old when his family emigrated from Hong Kong,... Continue Reading →

Cig Harvey – You An Orchestra You a Bomb

Photographer: Cig Harvey (born Devon, UK & resides in Rockport, Maine) Published by Schilt Publishing, (Amsterdam, NL), 2017 Essay: Vicki Goldberg Text: English Hardbound with linen covers, sewn binding, four-color lithography, printed by Offizin Scheufele, Stuttgart (DR) Photobook designer: Deb Wood (Brooklyn, NY) Notes: This is Cig Harvey’s third photobook in her introspective series that investigates... Continue Reading →

Laia Abril – On Abortion

Artist: Laia Abril (born & resides Barcelona, Spain) Published by Dewi Lewis Publishing, UK, 2018 Text: English Hard cover, sewn binding, four-color and duotone lithography, printed by Grafiche dell’Artiere, Bologna (IT) Photobook designer: Laia Abril, Ramon Pez Notes: The extended title of Laia Abril’s new book is A History of Misogyny, Chapter One, On Abortion and... Continue Reading →

Lynn Alleva Lilley – Tender Mint

Photographer: Lynn Alleva Lilley (born Silver Spring, MD & resides Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan) Published by Eriskay Connection, 2017, the Netherlands Text: English Poems: Samih al Qasim, Jane Hirshfield Stiff cover fine canvas, sewn & glued binding, four-color lithography, printed by Jos Morree (Fine Books) Photobook designer: Rob van Hoesel Lithography: Sebastiaan Hanekroot (Colour & Books) Notes: I... Continue Reading →

Gerard Boyer – Ser de La Cala

Photographer:  Gerard Boyer (born in L'Ametlla de Mar, Spain; lives in Tarragona, Spain) Publisher:  Fuego Books, Murcia, Spain; © 2011-2016 by Gerard Boyer Texts:  Quotes in Catalan, Spanish, and English Zine-style, naked-bound and glued, with stiff printed wrap; 22.6 x 32 cm; 64 pages; edition of 500; printed in Spain by CeGe Photobook Design and... Continue Reading →

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